1. JT on Instagram:

    "Sunday afternoon watching the footy. The kids sent me to the kitchen whilst they play FIFA 14 ⚽🎮"

  2. thosepaws-cfc2003:

    JT is so beautiful… 

  3. Azpi on Instagram:

    "Good win team!! Going back home with @filipeluis @rami7oficial @willianborges88 @thibautcourtois @johnterry.26 #DiegoCosta #selfie #CFCFamily"

  4. JT on Instagram:

    "6-3 What a game today and great win at Everton. On the flight home after picking up 3 points. @rami7oficial @cesarazpi @willianborges88 #Costa @thibautcourtois ⚽"

  5. Everton 3 - Chelsea 6

    What a game!!!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!

  6. JT - Chelsea training session, 29 August 2014.