1. Chelsea Fc + Urban Dictionary name meanings (inspired by koenigloew)

    (Fonte: januzastic)

  2. This is my Club. This is my Captain. I am so proud.

  3. Chelsea 4 - Swansea 2

    From 0-1 to 4-2. Are you listening, JT haters????

  4. Chelsea FC on Twitter:

    "The team have arrived at Stamford Bridge. Here’s the captain, who stopped for a quick interview… #CFC"

  5. More from JT @ BGC Charity Day.

  6. JT on Instagram:

    "Just had an amazing day representing @makeawishuk at @bgccharityday. I’m so proud to be an ambassador for @makeawishuk and hope today raised lots of money for many more wishes to be granted. Also, thanks to all the guys & girls on the floor for their help. #makeawishuk #BGCCharityDay"